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MacLeod's Beach & Campsite

"Here you'll enjoy a marvellous vista of immaculate sand, giant breakers and breath taking sunsets. Bluffs 200 feet high guard each end of the quarter-mile beach. Pick wild blueberries, windsurf, go deep-sea fishing or just sit back and drink in the view."

 - Cliff Elford, The London Free Press


Visualize a picture perfect location with an abundance of marine life, wildflowers and ocean temperatures to 73ºF. Add a sound or two, perhaps the hypnotic pulse of the surf or the timeless crackle of campfire. Then imagine yourself here. . . daily cares washed away in the salt of the sea. As Cliff Elford writes:"Be prepared to stay longer than you planned. The incessant pounding of the surf is a sure fire cure for insomnia."

For those who can wrench themselves from the beach, there is plenty to do and explore in the immediate area. Nature and sports enthusiasts will appreciate the hiking, fishing, boating and golfing opportunities. Sightseers will revel in the coastal splendour. And those who have come for a taste of the Celtic heritage will not be disappointed. In all directions but west, you'll find Scottish concerts, village festivals, square dances and toe-tapping music. . . the west, however, is reserved for the sunset.


MacLeod's is a fully-equipped campsite located on the scenic Ceilidh Trail. Minutes from Inverness and only nine miles from the Margaree junction to the Cabot Trail, it can offer you an ideal base from which to launch your daytrips and a recipe for stress free living upon your return.

Campground Features

  • Full Hook-ups

  • 15 ,30 and 50 AMP service available

  • Wooded and open campsites with fireplaces

  • Bathroom, shower & laundry facilities

  • Recreation room and playground

  • Grocery and camping supplies store

  • Wood bundles for sale

  • Warm ocean temperatures (up to 73°F) and a large, sandy beach

  • Spectacular sunsets

  • Hiking Trails

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